Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's April 12, 2005, and I am breathing new life into my old blog.

This originally was the blog for the first incarnation of the Cemetery Club, which was a fledgling ghost hunting/enthusiast group. We met a couple of times, but it didn't get very far due to schedules being so wack-a-do. So I'm turning it into the official blog for TheCemeteryClub.com.

If you have found this page, you have found TheCemeteryClub.com, no doubt. And you just may know about all the recent fun that has been taking place. Here's a brief recap:

- TheCemeteryClub.com site has been expanded and improved and all the rest of that fun stuff.

- My book "Cemetery Walk" is coming along swimmingly. Projected publication date is September.

- The new magazine "Epitaphs" has been announced. It's "for cemetery lovers by cemetery lovers." The first issue is expected to be released this July. Submissions can be sent to me, the editor, at poetrychick_99@yahoo.com. To learn more about submitting, buying ads, etc., go to www.TheCemeteryClub.com/magazine.html.

- Our interview_taphophile Yahoo list has grown. It is now the official info and chat list of the Web site. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

Those are the latest on what's been going on. Now if I can only figure out what this URL is so I can put the link on my site ....



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