Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Babies, Ghosties and Chocolate Pudding and Bananas

Annabella is moving around a lot today. It could be the bavarian cream-filled donut and strawberry fritter I ate earlier today. The thing is that I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was eating a whole bunch of delicious gourmet pastries. By the time I left for work, I was craving pastries so bad that I HAD to stop at Schnuck's grocery store for donuts. Not gourmet pastries, but good enough for me. So that was my morning. But I did have an Ensure Healthy Mom shake drink, too. I wasn't totally bad.

I'm wiped today. Maybe it's a sugar crash. Maybe it's all the stuff on my mind. Both, probably. My husband's job doesn't seem to be so long term. One of our cats has pee issues (she's very insecure and her arch nemesis--our newest cat--constantly ticks her off). Bills, bills, bills. Making sure the summer issue of the magazine gets done ASAP. Making more jewelry (which I can do tonight as hubby is working ridiculously late hours tonight). Getting the house baby ready. Getting the house ready for our Tastefully Simple party in a week and a half. Regular work. Blah blah blah. You know, the usual.

Anyway, over lunch I read my pal Shane Brown's article in The Leader, one of our local newspapers, which was about his experience with a group of ghost investigators. First he wrote an article on DIEPART, the Des Moines, Iowa-based group, then he wrote his column on his experience joining them on an investigation.

Here's the link to Shane's blog. Unfortunately, he has yet to post his ghostie column. But he's such a hoot to read that I recommend that you visit and check out his stuff.


I checked the Argus/Dispatch site (qconline.com/), but didn't see anything regarding either article. It's probably in the you-must-pay section.

Anyway, I contacted the ghost investigators to see if they would be interested in being interviewed for the fall issue of Epitaphs Magazine. Who knows, maybe I will be able to go on an investigation with them! How cool would that be?

Here is a link to their site: www.diepart.com

As for the last part of my title for this installment, I just have to say that taking a fresh banana and dipping it into chocolate pudding is fantastic. I highly recommend it. And here I sit with a banana on my desk and no pudding in sight. I weep.

Well, maybe it's not that bad, but that pudding sure would taste good. It seems baby Annabella has as much of a sweet tooth as her mother. Wish me luck in a few weeks on my glucose test! Must lay off the sugar before that happens.

Epitaphs update: I should be getting the proof today and we should be going to print soon!

My next wild idea: I'm contemplating the possibility of becoming a Tastefully Simple rep and having those parties and such. I'm afraid I'm becoming very domesticated. It's a little scary and weird. But I'm all about the weird, so I guess it's okay. What do you guys think? Can you imagine me going home to home and giving Tastefully Simple parties? Does that totally freak you out, or what?

Until later,
Minda and baby Bella

Monday, June 12, 2006

The nursery.

Here are some photos of the nursery so far. Since it is 11:30 p.m. and WAY past my bedtime, I'm going to post some of these pics sideways for lack of time. I usually go to be by 10 p.m. and read, but tonight I got caught up in baby registry stuff. Bill and I are registered at Target.com and Walmart.com, and it has been super fun zapping stuff in the stores or clicking on them online. Babies need a lot of stuff! Right now I'm using our registries as lists of things we want and things we MAY want. It's a great way to keep track of things while we browse around. If you go to Target, you will see the Classic Pooh theme we're using in the nursery.

Well, Shakespeare and Nola (the cats featured on the nursery chair) are going at it AGAIN. Nola is a total brat. Shakespeare is mainly trying to herd me into bed. She's Nanny Shakespeare, you know.

Good-night all!

It's a GIRL!!!

We had our ultrasound on Thursday, June 8, and found out our baby is healthy, wonderful ... and a girl! Her name is Annabella, and here are her first pictures!

Beaming with love,

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What a Croc: Crazy Dream and Crocs

Yesterday I finally went out and bought my second pair of Crocs. If you don't have a pair of these odd-looking yet wonderful shoes, love comfort and hate stinky shoes, go out and buy some right now! Usually I'm not all about going for what's trendy or the "in" thing, but these are some pretty fab shoes. Crocs.com is where you can check them out. But they are sold all over, in places such as Coach House, Hallmark stores and other random places. The cool thing is that no matter where you go, they are $30. Doesn't matter if you go to a hoity toity place. They must be sold for $29.99 or $30. And while I feel like a betrayer of my longtime favorite shoe maker, Birkenstock, I must say I do prefer my Crocs even to those. I'll tell you why.

They are bacteria-resistant. I'm not kidding! I wear a lot of shoes with no socks, and these just don't stink! I've had my first pair (sage beach style) more than a year and still no smelly shoes!

They have non-marking, slip-resistant soles. They were originally made for boating.

They float! They are made of sturdy foam and weigh a total of 6 oz. They weigh nothing!

They are totally comfy and wear well. Orthotic molding and what have you. My old pair still fits me great and have not broken down. I just bought the navy beach style ones yesterday to have another color.

Plus, you buy them roomy. So this way if my feet swell with pregnancy, I should still be able to wear them.

Okay, so I'm waxing poetic about shoes. But it's great to buy a pair and not have to worry about breaking them in. And now that my body is changing all the time with nearly 22 weeks of baby on board, it's nice to have comfort in the shoe area.

Speaking of baby, we have our ultrasound in 2 days!!! We are soooo excited. My parents are, too. They're coming with us to see the little baby. As of tomorrow, baby will be 22 weeks along. Then in 5 more weeks, we'll be in our third trimester already! Time is flying.

We are still back and forth on a boy's name. Bill keeps offering up ones like Otis and Nigel. We were liking Benjamin a lot, but Bill has a long-lost nephew of that name, and he wants the baby to have his own identity (even though he hasn't seen this nephew in ages and I've never even met him). But I understand. We are pretty set on our girl's name. Though, like my mom points out, we could totally change our mind once we see the kid in person.

We watched "Awesomely Bad Celebrity Baby Names" or something like that last night on VH1. It's safe to say we will not be naming out baby Pilot Inspektor, Coco, Heaven, Godd'iss Love something, Denim or Diesel. I'm all for different names, but some names are just silly. Take Banjo, for instance. Yikes.

If you are wondering about the dream mention in the title of this post, it's because I'm having totally wack dreams as of late. In one, I yelled at all the uppity ups I work for, told them off, then quit. ACK!!!! I like my job! I like working here! Sometimes it's a bit crazy, but where isn't? But, boy, I really gave it to them in the dream! Then this morning I woke up from a dream in which I was totally cranky in it, and then got worse.

I was in a mall looking to buy a microwave. It's not that I need to buy one in real life. Ours is fine. But I had to buy one in the dream and went to this super lame store in the mall. Everything was everywhere and not organized. So I finally got the attention of a sales person who was a young, very tall guy. He was also completely clueless. "Where can I find the microwaves?" I ask. "Um. (silence) Um, yeah. (silence) They're, um, right over here," doofus says and points to a mini refrigerator. And then to another one. "One of these should work for you." "That's a refrigerator," I say, starting to get super annoyed. "Yeah, and it should work for what you need," he says, wanting to not have to help any customers, especially me. This is when I lose it.

"What part of microwave do you not understand?!?!?!?!?!" I yell at the doofus. "I want something that heats things, not cools them down!!!!!!" And I storm off and find another person. "Where are your microwaves? I need a microwave!" New doofus: "Um, we have one over here and then some way over there." This is by far the stupidest store I've been into. But for some reason, I REALLY need a microwave and I end up buying one of them.

For you dream interpreters out there, I don't even want to know what these dreams mean! :-)

On the Epitaphs Magazine front, issue #3 is with our designer. Go, Kristy, go! It will soon be with the printer. There's the potential problem right there. We are fast approaching the end of the fiscal year for our printer, so they are super booked. So cross your fingers that the issue comes out by the end of June. Otherwise, all will receive their copies in early July. It won't be the end of the world if it happens, though. This baby is helping me put things in perspective.

Here's wishing you a good week!