Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Babies, Ghosties and Chocolate Pudding and Bananas

Annabella is moving around a lot today. It could be the bavarian cream-filled donut and strawberry fritter I ate earlier today. The thing is that I woke up this morning from a dream in which I was eating a whole bunch of delicious gourmet pastries. By the time I left for work, I was craving pastries so bad that I HAD to stop at Schnuck's grocery store for donuts. Not gourmet pastries, but good enough for me. So that was my morning. But I did have an Ensure Healthy Mom shake drink, too. I wasn't totally bad.

I'm wiped today. Maybe it's a sugar crash. Maybe it's all the stuff on my mind. Both, probably. My husband's job doesn't seem to be so long term. One of our cats has pee issues (she's very insecure and her arch nemesis--our newest cat--constantly ticks her off). Bills, bills, bills. Making sure the summer issue of the magazine gets done ASAP. Making more jewelry (which I can do tonight as hubby is working ridiculously late hours tonight). Getting the house baby ready. Getting the house ready for our Tastefully Simple party in a week and a half. Regular work. Blah blah blah. You know, the usual.

Anyway, over lunch I read my pal Shane Brown's article in The Leader, one of our local newspapers, which was about his experience with a group of ghost investigators. First he wrote an article on DIEPART, the Des Moines, Iowa-based group, then he wrote his column on his experience joining them on an investigation.

Here's the link to Shane's blog. Unfortunately, he has yet to post his ghostie column. But he's such a hoot to read that I recommend that you visit and check out his stuff.


I checked the Argus/Dispatch site (qconline.com/), but didn't see anything regarding either article. It's probably in the you-must-pay section.

Anyway, I contacted the ghost investigators to see if they would be interested in being interviewed for the fall issue of Epitaphs Magazine. Who knows, maybe I will be able to go on an investigation with them! How cool would that be?

Here is a link to their site: www.diepart.com

As for the last part of my title for this installment, I just have to say that taking a fresh banana and dipping it into chocolate pudding is fantastic. I highly recommend it. And here I sit with a banana on my desk and no pudding in sight. I weep.

Well, maybe it's not that bad, but that pudding sure would taste good. It seems baby Annabella has as much of a sweet tooth as her mother. Wish me luck in a few weeks on my glucose test! Must lay off the sugar before that happens.

Epitaphs update: I should be getting the proof today and we should be going to print soon!

My next wild idea: I'm contemplating the possibility of becoming a Tastefully Simple rep and having those parties and such. I'm afraid I'm becoming very domesticated. It's a little scary and weird. But I'm all about the weird, so I guess it's okay. What do you guys think? Can you imagine me going home to home and giving Tastefully Simple parties? Does that totally freak you out, or what?

Until later,
Minda and baby Bella


Tracy Carlson said...

I love the name you've picked out for baby! Just beautiful!!
BTW, my husband works with Joe Leto from Diepart. What a coincidence huh? Anyway, I just got your book in the mail and I couldnt put it down! Wow, we think so much a like. I thought I was the only one who loved cemeteries!! I always think people look at me as creepy. Especially when I'm stopped at an intersection...I always wonder what the folks behind me are thinking when they see my bumper stickers. (I dig Cemeteries and I brake for cemeteries) I'd love to subscribe to Epitaphs soon. Keep up the great work!!

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