Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Awesome article from The Onion, the country's best fake news source

Ah, the bittersweet genius of parody writing. It makes me laugh AND shed a silent tear. I adore New Orleans and lament its state, but at least I still have a sense of humor about it. You have to given what happened and what continues to happen--or not happen.

"FEMA Calls Rebuilding Complete as New Orleans Restored to Former Squallor"

"We've done our best to ensure the city is as well off as it was before Katrina hit," Blanco said. "It's all back—the same abandoned cars, the broken bottles, the spent shotgun shells, the rat colonies, even the used diapers on the front lawns. People of New Orleans, welcome home."

One of my favorite parts is the cutline that goes with this photo: "Crews reconstructed post–Mardi Gras filth and hosed down Bourbon Street with donated urine."

How to Eulogize Someone You Don't Like

Interesting response to a woman who wants to know how to publicly remember a real jerk. From

How to eulogize the dad no one likes?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where the Heck Have I Been?

I've been being a mommy! I've also focused more blog time on my mommy blog The Accidental Mom. I've also been working on issue #4 of Epitaphs Magazine--which is now close to being done!!!! I am soooo excited about this, as we are pretty late on it due to babies, new jobs, etc. It's a great issue, though, and well worth the wait. I'm also working on issue #5 and preparing for a cemetery art class I'm teaching each Sunday in February for CommUniversity.

I have some cemetery stuff for you folks right now, though. God bless!

GreenSprings Eco-Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery then and Now

an artsy video with music of cemetery at St. John's Church, Hampstead, London

55 seconds in a cemetery in Codogno, Italy

photo slideshow of Graniteville Cemetery

If you see any good cemetery videos on, let me know so I can share them. Or e-mail them to the Yahoo Group interview_taphophile.