Monday, July 17, 2006

Things that make me cranky ...

I am just under 7 months pregnant, and I should be happy and glowing. Instead I am cranky and sweaty. It was already 80 degrees when I woke up this morning and will be around 100 as the day goes on. In the Midwest we have this little thing most call humidity. I call it a living hell. As I write this, I am snacking on ice cubes. I think that if a person has to be this miserable (I slept snuggled up with an ice pack last night to relieve some of the heat), that person should at least be in someplace awesome--like, say, New Orleans. The high for NOLA today is going to be 90. Our high is going to be 99. I'd rather be in my favorite city eating po' boys and beignets and drinking virgin hurricanes (if they have such a thing) than in this armpit. If it's going to be this frickin' hot, I'd rather be in New Orleans.

Another thing that makes me cranky is that we had our air conditioning fixed a month or so ago, but the air can't compete with this heat. Our house hasn't cooled below 80 in more than a week. Hopefully Bill will be calling the AC guys for them to fix it. Of course, I'm sure they are more than a bit busy right now.

The third thing that makes me cranky is spammers. Evil spammers have infiltrated my website survey for So I took the sucker down, even though it's a useful tool. Silly me thought it would end all the spam. Here's how it goes. These idiots get into people's surveys and answer EVERY question with their website address. I've gotten gambling site spammers and a host of others. Let me tell you, this DOES NOT make me want to visit their sites. It makes me want to hack them (if I knew how) and destroy them. Okay, well, not really. But it does make me mad. But I thought that taking down the survey--and I mean erasing it from existence--would stop the insanity. It did not. I'm getting just as many as before. Maybe 30 a day or more. So the info must have been passed on to a list. I'm not sure how to stop it. So my mail box fills up with the worst and stupidest spam ever.

So I guess this doesn't make the most happy-go-lucky post I've made, but it's a nasty hot summer and I'm pregnant. In two days we'll be starting our 3rd trimester. Mid October will come pretty fast now.

The good news is that the 3rd issue of Epitaphs Magazine will be at the printer tomorrow. And for those who ordered copies of "Cemetery Walk," those books have come in and will be mailed today.

I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying life. Now that I've cooled off, I'm feeling much better about things.

Later gators,

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