Sunday, June 01, 2003

It's Sunday, June 1.

While I have not been perusing any cemeteries this week, I did pay a visit to the Rock Island County Historical Society's library this weekend. It's amazing what a difference two and a half hours in the right place can make.

First off, I almost automatically discovered a book on their sale table titled "The Silence of Eternity" by a local author. The cover had an illustration of a tombstone (or "grief stone," as I'm calling them now after reading Simon Clark's "Darkness Demands," which is excellent fiction, by the way) on it. Of course, I picked it up. It contains the history of Riverside Cemetery, based on meeting minutes the author located from the very beginning of the cemetery's creation. And it was only $5! It was published locally in 1989. What a find!

I also found lots of newspaper articles dating back to the mid 1950s that spoke of ghost stories and legends from in and around the Quad Cities. Some talked about the oldest cemetery in the Quads–City Cemetery in Davenport. I must find it!

I photo-copied most of the articles I found. I even "dug up" cemetery articles about people every now and then volunteering time to help clean up and resurrect graves. Great "cryptic" terminology, eh?

Overall I was very pleased with all that I learned and was able to take with me. The volunteers were all at least 70 years old and very nice. Copies are 20 cents, but it goes to a good cause. It's a very nice library. I hope to bring the Club members to it as well as go to other historical societies if there are some in the area.

I'm almost done with Richard Southall's "How to be a Ghost Hunter." I'm now reading about how to start a paranormal group. It seems I'm on the right track!

I will be scheduling our first meeting soon!

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