Sunday, June 01, 2003

It is still Sunday, June 1, 2003 ...

In an amazing feat (almost as amazing at Super Yow, the amazing duck), we have gone from only 4 members to a total of 14!

Granted, most of these new members are related to me, but no matter. We have more than enough living souls to begin exploring the great unknown.

We had an impromptu first meeting today at Grandma's house. Equipment was explained and we discussed various personal ghost stories as well as what to expect on a ghost hunt.

Other items discussed included:
1) A fieldtrip to Monmouth, Ill., to experience Crybaby Bridge. (Angie's idea)

2) A fieldtrip to Raven's Grinn Inn, for the haunting as well as just to have fun. (Minda and Lesa thought of this one)

3) A picnic at Riverside Cemetery to acquaint ourselves with the cemetery, get used to the equipment and take notes. (Minda's very first fieldtrip idea)

4) Connie mentioned an old over-grown cemetery out in the boonies. She will get back to us on this one. If it's not in use anymore, we probably wouldn't need permission to investigate in the evening.

I hope we will be able to meet next weekend (I'm thinking Sunday afternoon). If anyone gets a chance to read this, let me know if that will work for you.

Happy haunting!

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