Monday, June 23, 2003

It is Monday night, June 23.

It seems as if the Cemetery Club meets in sections. Granted there are a lot of us! I'd like to set up semi-regular meeting times so that if people want to attend, they can plan on it. I'll make a date for the cemetery picnic when we do that. I'd also like to plan a real live ghost investigation. Lori and Joe's house is the most likely first stop. Rebecca, though, said that a friend of her in Kewanee is willing to let us in to her haunted house, too. So plans will have to take place soon to set those up.

The questions to ask are:

1) When do the paranormal events usually occur? At night? Morning? Afternoon?

2) What exactly are the paranormal disturbances? Do they revolve around a specific person or persons?

Also, each member of the households need to be interviewed properly before the investigation takes place. Actually an initial interview should happen to find out what we'll be investigating and to determine what kind of equipment we should bring. We will also have to determine who will go on which investigation. All 14 of us would totally fill up a house!

Anyway, once we get to the location for the second interview (basically for a tour of the house with emphasis on where the hauntings are taking place), we'll figure out our plan of investigation. Then we start it up!

If anyone has any investigation suggestions, please let me know. My e-mail is

This past Sunday, Sharon, Rebecca, Beth, Logan and I went to Riverside Cemetery and focused mainly on Potter's Field. I believe I captured one face image. I'm not sure about Sharon and Rebecca yet. We both had digital cameras.

Beth spoke via pendulum to a little boy named Jack. Logan got the dowsing rods working (he's 5 1/2 years old). Rebecca saw a face image on one of the stone in Potter's Field without the use of a camera. I communicated briefly with a young woman named Marguerite via my crystal pendulum.

All in all, it was an interesting morning.

Everyone keep in mind (and tell any concerned family members) that we are taking safety precautions in the Club. We will not do anything to "invite" ghoulies into our lives or stir up anything dangerous. We're out to learn and have fun, but we do not take our hunts or investigations lightly. I strongly encourage everyone to do some reading on ghost hunting and spirits/ghosts in general so that you have an understanding of what we're doing.

I recommend that no one use a Ouija Board unless you really know what you are doing and know how to protect yourself from any wily critters who may happen to slip your way. The Ouija has a bad reputation, probably because people view it as a game and get into trouble. If you want to use one (or an Angel Board, etc.), research research research. Always know as much as you can before diving into anything.

There's my lecture for tonight. Thanks to everyone who's been able to come to meetings so far!

Happy haunting!

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