Wednesday, May 28, 2003

It's Wednesday, May 28.

Good news for the Cemetery Club! We have three all new, live members! Welcome to Lori, Joe and Tim! Soon we'll have a meeting and a secret handshake and everything.

Speaking of meeting, I figure I'll give it another week for any interest from the flier I gave to RA Enterprises (the new age store in Davenport) to come in. Then we'll schedule a meeting. This will give me time to prepare for what we'll talk about. There's so much to go over! And I'm so excited!

We also have honorary member, Walt, who's in Tacoma. Hi, Walt!

First of all, I will give this Blogger addy to the members so that they can check out the online journal for the club whenever they want to. I also recommend that any members that want to keep a log of paranormal activity, research and findings, do so through this site. You can make them private postings or public like this one. It's pretty cool and very free. Major bonuses.

And speaking of cheap, while I may have ghost detecting equipment, I did not drop a huge wad of cash on it. There are sites that sell fancy equipment for hundreds of dollars. First of all, right now there are only four of us, and I'll share. Second of all, if anyone is interested in their own equipment, I can send you to the sites I used ... or to Walmart for an inexpensive digital audio recorder. The Cemetery Club is all about "ghosting" on a budget. Hey, maybe we'll write a book and call it that!

Before I sign off for the night, here is a list of good reads for anyone interested:

- "How to Be a Ghost Hunter" by Richard Southall
This is a quick read and is informative. It's also entertaining and has forms you can copy for investigations.

- "Cemetery Stories" by Katherine Ramsland
Everything you ever wanted to know (or didn't) about cemeteries and preparation beforehand of bodies, etc. It sounds gruesome, and can be, but all those taboo questions get answered. I love Ramsland's writing. She also asks all the good questions.

- "Ghost" by Katherine Ramsland
Another great book by Ramsland. This one began as an investigation into a supposedly haunted ring she received. On her quest to find out more about it, she tried all sorts of ways to hunt for ghosts. This book has a lot about EVP, electronic voice phenomena. Again, it's a good read and is very informative. She visits a lot of haunted places.

- "Ghost" by Noel Hynd
Another book called "Ghost," and it doesn't even star Patrick Swayze! This is a fiction book, but you've got to live it up sometimes. I loved this book. It's the best ghost story I've read in a long time. While it is fiction, it explains a lot about ghost phenomenon and theories. What a great book!

That's it for now. More books will be listed as I read them. :-)
May your EMF monitor spike at seven and may all your EVPs come out loud and clear! (That's a little ghost hunter humor. Just a very little. Joe is probably the only one at this point who will actually know what all that means.)


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