Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kelton Family to be Recognized at Green Lawn

(Press release from Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio)

The Kelton family, whose home on East Town Street is a local tourist
attraction, will be featured at the Sept. 4 First Saturday at Green Lawn

Georgeanne Reuter, director of the Kelton House, will present a slide
lecture on the Kelton House Museum & Garden and talk about the Kelton
family that is buried at Green Lawn. The family home in the East Town
Street Historic District has been restored and is maintained by the
Junior League of Columbus.

The program, free and open to the public, will be held at 11 a.m. in the
Huntington Chapel in the middle of Green Lawn, 1000 Greenlawn Ave

Reuter’s presentation will trace the home’s history through the eyes of
three generations who lived there, including the vision of Grace Kelton,
the last Kelton in residence, who left her home to the Columbus
Foundation with instructions to find an organization that would restore
the home to its 1850s appearance and create a museum of local history and
the decorative arts.

The slide show will feature in-process photographs of the Museum’s
restoration and the efforts of early volunteers to create a museum.
Attendees will see photographs of the Museum’s carriage house before it
was restored and the garden before its major revitalization. They will
also see photographs of the restored interiors, selected from authentic
styles of the mid-19th century and other components of the Museum’s

The presentation will also include discussions of the Museum’s
educational offerings: tours, lectures, holiday presentations, and the
programs offered by the Museum’s Underground Railroad Learning Station.

First Saturday at Green Lawn is a presentation of the Green Lawn
Volunteers and recognizes people buried at the state’s second-largest
cemetery for their role in local history.

The Keltons are among the 150,000 people buried at Green Lawn since it
was established Aug. 2, 1848. The cemetery covers 360 acres, 80 of which
are undeveloped.

For further information on the cemetery, visit
or call the office at614-444-1123. Information about the Green Lawn
Volunteers can also be found on the Web page, by calling 614-266-5218 or
by e-mailing

Green Lawn Cemetery
1000 Greenlawn Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43223

Linda Burkey, General Manager

Sandi Latimer, Volunteer Coordinator
614-878-4214 (home)
614-255-4218 (cell)


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