Sunday, January 29, 2006

But before I go ...

I have some recommendations for y'all.

Spooky movie recommendations:

- "The Grudge" starring Sarah Michelle Gellar ("Buffy"!). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this movie! It's spooky as hell and a great homage to the original.
- "Ju-On" starring I'm not sure who. This is the movie "The Grudge" was based on. It's even scarier. And leave the subtitles on, because nothing is lamer than bad American dubbing. The story is more in-depth than the American, so watch the American version first. Then scare yourself silly with the second one. Ghost story prime awesomeness!
- "Haunted" starring Aidan Quinn. Great ghost story! A fun, old-fashioned ghost movie.

Book recommendations:

- "Grave Intent" by Deborah LeBlanc. Her writing will get under your skin. This is her second book. Give her a read! Plus, she's a total peach! A real sweetheart of a Cajun! ;-) I'm hoping she'll have a book signing up here in Moline.
- "Harry Potter and ..." by J.K. Rowling. Love them all. Love every one. I can't WAIT TO SEE "Goblet of Fire" on the IMAX screen next weekend. I'm counting down the days!

TV recommendations:
- "Lost" - What a great show! Rent the first season, though. Catch up. You'll be, well, lost if you don't.
- "House" - How can Hugh Laurie be so British when he's so arrogant American? What an interesting, intelligent show that is also kind of playful in a weird way. I love the characters and the medical mysteries.
- "CSI" - Speaking of mysteries, this one has them. It's a great show that makes me feel like I'm let in on a really smart secret. It's also probably why I think I should buy Urine Gone, which is not only seen on TV but also comes with a blacklight so you can see where exactly your cat has peed. Note: I watch the original "CSI" but not the Miami one. David Carruso is weird.
- "Boston Legal" - My new addition to my faves. I started watching it when Michael J. Fox was announced to have a four-episode arc. Not only is he wonderful, but the rest of the cast is brilliant. It's quirky enough to get me to watch a lawyer show, and William Shatner is a hoot!

That's it for today!


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