Sunday, July 17, 2005

Makin' Jewelry

It's Sunday on a hot, steamy, ack weekend. It is an "ack" weekend because it IS so hot. I'm not a heat person. I prefer fall with its lovely falling leaves smell and cool breezes. I like jeans and sweaters. Even on the hottest days I prefer my capri jeans to a pair of shorts. Shorts tend to ride up, and that is not cool at all. Give me a nice crisp fall day, and I'm happy.

So, needless to say, this ridiculous 95-degree plus weather (complete with dangerous draught) is not my cup of tea. And I like tea! I enjoy heating up a kettle full of water to make myself some darjeeling with honey and cream. I've noticed that extreme heart makes people cranky. Can't blame them. Who wants to sweat in places they don't normally sweat?

Speaking of sweat, during 95-degree weather with blazing sun, I went to the local Farmer's Market and set up shop with my pal Tracey. She had told me I could share a booth with her to sell my jewelry. She sells jewelry, too. But her's is different. She's all about colorful beads and such, and I'm all about the sterling silver charms. More people showed up than I thought would, but we didn't sell a ton of stuff. But a few bucks is a few bucks--especially since this money is going toward my upcoming book tour.

So I spent this morning taking photos of the jewely I didn't sell so I can post it on eBay. I've got some cool stuff, if I do say so myself. An adorable Harry Potter-themed charm bracelet, gardener's bracelets, memories of grandmother, and more. The are in sterling silver. I also have sterling silver necklaces (22 inches, also in sterling silver), including a pirate ("Pirates of the Caribbean" or "Goonies"), Grandmother, a little ghost, a ribbon (like the popular ribbons seen on cars), a slot machine (for Las Vegas and riverboat gambling fans!), and much more.

I hope to have things posted soon. Right now I have a "Pirates of the Caribbean" themed pin posted. Look up user name "elfaba1" if you are interested.

Well, while I should be posting eBay items or editing the magazine, I think I need a nap more so thatn the other two things. Long weekend so far, and I really want to see "Charlie and the Chocolte Factory" and "Dark Water."

But now, since I've put in hours of work on my projects already this weekend, I need a little cat nap.

Hope all is well around the world with you!



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