Monday, June 06, 2005

Apologies to all those I haven't talked to in ages ...

It's 6-6-05

It's June. It's Monday. It's two weeks after I thought the book would be done. I have been working nearly non-stop on it during my spare time (what's that?). I did get in two whole bike rides with my husband since he bought us new bikes. With the recent health scares, he is very serious about getting healthy. I'm very proud of him. And he's getting me to get my butt in gear.

Dare I say the book will go to the publisher tomorrow? I've had some setbacks. I'm over them now. One setback is actually a blessing. It has taken some of the stress away and has made me simplify things. I am limited on photos. This is actually not a bad thing. And I could go crazy with pics if I wanted to. For $2.50 a pop! No thank you. Keep in mind, I am self-publishing. I'm not concerned, though. I've got it figured out. Plus, I've got a magazine coming out, and I'm sure I've got plenty more books in me. No worries here.

Before I finish (maybe) the book tonight (maybe), I need to tend to ShangChi the betta fish. His tank ammonia levels are quite high. Just say NO to fin rot!!!! We will not have another death in the family! I'll post pics of him soon ... and also of Sheila, the African dwarf frog. She is spotted green and very tiny. She is not huge like Ghost the African albino clawed frog who is taking over the world. He is going to be upgraded to a 5-gallon tank soon. He's huge! I'd like to get a goldfish to be his tankmate, but unless I get a fish the size of Toledo, Ghost would most likely eat him. Again, no more deaths in the family.

Before I sign off, sorry to all I've been ignoring. I'm really not ignoring you in my mind. I'm thinking of all of you (including Toni, Kelly, Linn, TC, Kristin, Mom and Dad, Grandma, cousins, aunts, uncles ...). I've promised myself to get the book done straight away. It's time. I know all of you understand. At least the ones who know about my timeline as of late. To the rest of you, sorry!!! I will call, e-mail, etc., soon!

Love to you all and good night.


We're starting to get more and more "Epitaphs" subscriptions coming in. How exciting!

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