Thursday, October 18, 2007

Epitaphs Magazine #5 is here and fabulous!

Everyone, I am so very flippin' proud to announce that Epitaphs Magazine #5 is ready and waiting for you to buy it! I'm doing the Snoopy dance as we speak!

And not only is it available, it is in COLOR! You can also either buy a print copy or download it in PDF format right on your own little computer. Keep in mind, though, that the file is pretty big and takes a while to download, but it's a lot cheaper.

Since the mag is in color, it's more expensive this time. I'm also working with a new They make books, magazines and other publications available. I'm also working on putting out a black and white version of this issue, too, which will cost less. But that one will take a while as I have to reconfigure it to make sure the photos still look great.

For those of you keeping score, you know that this is the first issue I not only edited as usual but also designed. It has a brand new look (a little more journal like) and a new layout. But it still has the same high quality of articles and interesting stuff.

Our last issue was the "spooky" issue, which by the way is selling like crazy this month. I may even sell out soon! This issue is back to the cemeteries without the spooky stuff. There are tons of gorgeous photos (in color!) and great articles, including one on how to adopt a cemetery. The cover story features amazing photographer Jeffrey Netz. You will love his work. His photography was also featured in issue #2, the New Orleans issue.

When you get your copy of the new mag, please drop me a line to let me know what you think. I'm already starting on issue #6. Stories and photos are due in by Dec. 1 to make the submission deadline. So start sending your stuff in! My goal, now that I have full reign on everything, is to get the magazine out more often.

Thank you for your continued support of Epitaphs Magazine,, "Cemetery Walk," and me! YOU are the reason I do all this crazy stuff that I do!

Yours in taphophilia,

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