Friday, May 20, 2005

The Life Aquatic

It's Friday, May 20 ...

About two weeks ago I purchased a new member of the family ... from Walmart. He is an albino clawed foot frog--his name is Ghost. He's pretty cool, though my colleague next to me at the office thinks he's a protozoa. Every time Keith comes over, Ghost seems to be "shut down." While he can be quite the active frog, most of the time he's just floating or just "there" at the bottom of the gallon tank.

To tell the truth, Ghost can be a bit of a spaz. But, as Keith points out, he's a delayed reaction spaz. It might take him a moment or five before he realizes he should be freaking out if I move my hand too close to the tank to turn on or off his light. Regardless, Ghost has brought an element of enjoyment and scientific interest to members of my department.

We wonder many things about him, such as:

How big will he get? (He's currently 1/2" wide, 2" tall/1.2" butt to nose. But Kristy says he will probably get huge.)

Since he has weird red eyes, does that mean he's blind? (We don't know if he's blind or just kinda stupid.)

Will he escape? (Peeps on the internet say that these frogs are escape artists and must not have any form of escape hatch or hole.)

All in all, Ghost is a pretty entertaining guy. Here are a couple of pics of the frogmeister. My favorite is the one where I caught him in full swimming action ... and he looks like a flash of peach color! Super cool!



Minda said...

Please note that the pics I refer to here are actually the ones posted above. I'm still figuring out the whole blog thing. :-)

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